Cloud VoIP Service

Cloud voice over internet protocol systems is one of the most recent highly effective, high speed phone services for small businesses. It is more affordable and feature rich as compared to traditional phone services. It frees the user from the responsibilities of managing the software, the hardware plus vendor relationships which are required to deliver the services. It has the ability to minimise the costs linked to manpower, hardware and maintenance as well as improving the communication processes. A hosted VoIP service allows smaller businesses to have a greater business presence since the communication system has a number of features at an affordable price.

Features Of Cloud VoIP Service

  • Online call logs: Each and every call received with your account on the network is logged and displayed online for security and convenience purposes.
  • Online panel control: It allows you to manage and update your number routinely in the online control panel.
  • Voicemail boxes: This feature allows you to open and manage voicemail boxes for each and every number.
  • Transfer in number: This allows you to add any new number you would like to use.
  • Caller identity: For convenient purposes, this allows you to identify the caller easily.
  • Send faxes online: This allows one to send faxes from thecontrolpanel by uploading thedocumentand keying in thedestinationnumber.
  • Instantly changeroutine: This is a feature that allows one to updatethedestinationforthenumbersinstantly from thecontrolpanel.
  • Free inbound SIP address: Other than calling numbers from the regular phone network, the numbers can also be called from the SIP address.
  • Use to receive faxes: This involves setting your phone to function as a fax number and then receive faxes.The faxes are emailed to you as a PDF file.
  • Remote extensions are very easy to set up since you just plug in the IP phone to the home router and you will be able to watch the phone register as well as getting the dial tone.
  • Auto attendant: It allows you to interact with a menu so as to choose the extension which makes the business more impressive.
  • Do not disturb: This is a feature in which you can stop incoming calls from coming into your phone especially during business meetings, conferences etc
  • Bandwidth utilization feature: This enables one to track data usage over a period of time. It also shows call history, duration, cost, destination and origin.
  • Find me routing which allows callers to track where you are after a number of calls before the call is directed to the voice mail.

Advantages Of Cloud VoIP Hosted Services

  • Lower costs, huge savings: With only a single monthly fee, local and long distance plans are affordable as you also save on international calls.
  • No more missed calls: You can set up a direct a system that directs and handles calls.
  • Automatic upgrades: Upgrades are automatically done by the provider without disrupting of the system.
  • No maintenance: The provider does all the installation and there’s no need for server deployment, maintenance and configuration as the risk lies in the arms of the provider.
  • Addition and change of services is instant.You only pay for what you need anytime since it’s flexible to change services with ease.
  • Clod based data storage programs which provide a backup of the data which is accessible any time in case of any emergent need.

Disadvantages Of Cloud Hosting

  • It’s dependant on wall power, which meansnopowernocommunicationandhenceitneeds a stablepowersource.
  • It is dependent on internet connection, and if your home/business has internet hiccups then the services are not enjoyed. For a stable reception of the services, one has to develop different internet means in case of failure in one of the networks it might be substituted with another.
  • Security: Giving the provider to handle all your information could be something to worry about. This creates data insecurity on the user’s side of view.
  • Prone to attack: Since the data is available online, it exposes the information to external attacks as well as hackers.


Cloud VoIP Service has brought a fresh new breath in small scale businesses. The low costs, no maintenance and flexibility in their services are something that the world appreciates. Furthermore, it is very advantageous in terms of maximizing the profit by cutting down the costs.